Dating Trouble by Anna Katmore

Never trust a twin!

Dating trouble

Sue wants Ethan, and Chris wants Sue.
Drawn to Ethan and intrigued by Chris, Susan Miller finds herself caught between identical twin brothers at her school. When both of them start wooing her at the same time, she only has to take her pick. Right? Wrong! Ethan is reluctant to kiss her, and Chris wants her for the completely wrong reasons.

Nothing like his obliging and sweet brother, Chris Donovan has trouble written all over him. He changes girls like other guys change t-shirts, and the next trophy on his little list is Susan. That’s the last thing she wants, yet she finds herself responding to all the goodnight texts and other cheeky messages Chris sends. The guy has a way of getting under her skin like no one ever has before. How long will it be until Susan falls for his smooth charm and gets herself into more trouble than she can possibly handle? And where does that leave Ethan?

Genre: YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Romance / General

Secondary Genre: YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Language: English

Keywords: high school, twin brothers, love, romance, young adult, basketball, sports, teen

Word Count: 100,000

Sales info:

Amazon beststeller #1

Rone Awards finalist

Sample text:

I cleared my throat and called out, “Hey, Chris!”

Folding his arms on the backrest of the chair he’d straddled by his friends, he cast me an intrigued and self-assured glance over his shoulder. I didn’t give him the time to even think about the word “sweetness” leaving his mouth, but continued, “It takes a little more than a cute smile to get on my good side, and luckily your brother comes equipped with the whole package.” I flashed a sardonic grin that hopefully stung his ego in front of his gang. “You want to freeze hell? Go ahead and try. It’ll get you nowhere with me.”

For a stunned moment, Chris gazed at me. My snappiness had certainly terminated his interest in me. After all, he seemed to be someone after an easy lay and a jolly good time, nothing more. Especially not if that something proved to require serious effort. Right?

Wrong. The left side of his mouth tilted up so slowly that a shudder made it through my entire body before he was done with the smirk. He blinked then ran his tongue along the inside of his bottom lip. The whole class had stilled and all eyes were on him and me now, gazes darting back and forth.

With an audience to quote him later, he stated, “Game on, little Sue.”

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