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Eat a Healthy Diet & Lose Weight Without Hunger
What happens when a lonely little girl travels to Scotland for the summer and gets to spend time in a real castle with her Dad, Uncle Angus and her Auntie Morag?
There is a rich tradition of English baking that includes sweet to savory baked goods and everything in between.
The Sunday Roast is a tradition in England both at home and in the pubs. Visit any pub in England on Sunday and expect to see roast beef, pork or lamb on the menu - maybe all three.
The complete 10 volume set of the Authentic English Recipes series represents a big savings over buying each volume individually. AND - you get an extra bonus recipe not available in any of the other volumes - my Mother's Green Tomato Chutney recipe.
Beef and kidney stew is a dinner staple in every British kitchen. It is very simple to make but if you make the mistake of throwing everything in a pot and boiling it you will end up with a disaster.
Yes, there is an official Cornish pasty recipe and it is included here along with a US English translation. By European law, this is the only pasty that can be called a Cornish Pasty and even then only if it is made in Cornwall.
Devonshire tea is not a tea blend like Earl Grey or Orange Pekoe, it is a ritual performed everyday in small tea rooms throughout Southern England and particularly the County of Devon.
Traditionally, this is a breakfast you feed a man that is going to work on the farm all day or out on the fishing boats.
You wouldn't think there was very much to making fish & chips but in forty years of traveling North America I've discovered very few examples of Authentic English Fish & Chips.
Ask people to list their least favorite foods and for many, liver and spinach will be on their list.
Use this easy, yet surprisingly different, pastry dough recipe and your pastry will always be perfect.
Considered by many people to be the premier British dessert experience, English Trifle is nevertheless simple to make.
There is nothing quite like traditional English steamed puddings and this great addition to the best selling series Authentic English Recipes contains a selection of the most popular ones.
We love slow cooker meals because they are easy, convenient and tasty. Even better are slow cooker meals that help you lose weight and get healthy.
Michael Emerson always seems to be able to make the right choice - every time. This ability made him wealthy by the time he was twenty and continues into his current life.
Super 3 Day Detox Soup & Smoothie Plan is an easy to follow three-day detox diet and weight loss plan that consists of healthy, nutritious and delicious smoothies for breakfast and lunch, a hot and tasty slow cooker soup/stew for dinner, and fresh mixed f
It was just supposed to be a day at the beach, with some swimming and snorkeling, in the clear blue waters surrounding a small Bahamian island. But then everything changed.