Sesan Oguntade (author)

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I am a Christian personal development expert

Sesan oguntade I am author of over 20 Christian books on success, motivation, personal development, cure for negative habits. My best-selling books on e-stores like amazon and others are You can stop masturbation by reading simple stories and charts, 52 Bible secrets for your business success, how to launch a business as a Christian. My books have sold well with the English versions for many years now.

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Christian and biblical principles to run a successful small business as a Christian
How billion -Dollar companies and entrepreneurs use free things to rake in profits
You shouldn't allow the topic of faith to be a mystery to you again. This guide uses simple stories and charts to show you what the Christian faith Is all about. The author shared interesting personal story that will help grasp the required information
Learn practical Christian process to avoid and deal with distractions in your life and business
This book unravels the mystery behind the tithe you pay in your church
The Prostitute: (A Christian Romance Fiction) Steve Davies, a strict, disciplined and morally upright company executive suddenly fell in love with a notorious, long-term prostitute, Serena. He took this strange love to another level. Find out more.
A Christian fiction on creating wealth in an African setting
That illicit sex relationship is dangerous. A Christian should understand this perfectly. There is more that come into play when you fornicate or commit adultery. This Christian guide shows how teenagers, youth and adults can follow simple, biblical steps
Christian Addiction Treatment Book. It's a simple guide to help you break your habit of masturbation