How to Maintain Focus and Concentration by Sesan Oguntade

Practical Tips on How to Reach the End of Projects

Learn practical Christian process to avoid and deal with distractions in your life and business

How to maintain focus and concentrationHow to maintain focus and concentration will help you to handle distractions. It will help you to keep your focus on your business goals. It contains practical tips on how you can keep up the momentum when you start a business project until the end of the project. Most times, it appears very easy to kick start a project, a company, an idea or an organisation but it takes a lot of works if the project or idea will move from the starting point to the finish point. In between these two important stages is the middle stage where the project executor needs lots of focus and concentration on the project. Usually, lots of distractions come around and lots of obstacles come knocking. You, the project executor must learn to keep these and any other "unwanted guests" away from yourself and your project. How to maintain focus and concentration will help you to keep to your set goals and objectives. Download a copy of this book today.
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Chapter 1: Introduction I read this interesting story from a biography of one of the most successful preachers of the gospel Africa has produced. The story is about a king who after been captured by the king of another town pleaded for mercy. However, his captors would not release him just like that; they want him to pass a test before he would be released. Let me present the story as it is presented in the book, Enoch Adeboye, an African Legends of Faith Series Vol.2 authored by Rebecca Bible-Davids: "He (the captured king) had to transfer a brim full cup of water from one end of a stadium to the other without spilling a drop. On one side of the stadium would be people cheering and hailing him, while on the other side would be people cursing, discouraging and insulting him. Behind him was a beheader who would chop off his head the moment a drop of water spilled on the floor. That seemed a difficult task because the water in the cup was full to the brim but he had no option. The test began, the young king scared to the bones gradually carried the water till he reached the other end. The older king (his captor) on the other end asked him if it was the people praising him or the people cursing him that motivated him to transfer the cup safely. He was so honest to tell the king (his captor) that he did not even know they were there because his full concentration was on his destination. Then, the king told him never to listen to the praises or curses of the people, he must keep his eyes on the mark and prize. That is the path to greatness"

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