You Can Stop Sex Sins by Sesan Oguntade

How to Stop or Avoid Sexual Immorality

That illicit sex relationship is dangerous. A Christian should understand this perfectly. There is more that come into play when you fornicate or commit adultery. This Christian guide shows how teenagers, youth and adults can follow simple, biblical steps

You can stop sex sinsThis is a practical Christian guide on how teenagers, adults, married men and women can stay away from sex sins. If you personally desire to stay away from sex sins or you have a teenage girl you would love to keep her virginity, then this book will be of immense benefit to you. Married men and women who have been unfaithful to their spouses but truly desire to change their ways will also love this book. 30 Practical Tips and Stories on how anyone can stay a virgin, avoid or stop sex sins and live in complete harmony with God are discussed in this book. The practical stories of three individuals who have learnt bitter lessons from their wrong use of sex have been used throughout this book; you will enjoy and learn from their stories. It is another great Christian guide on how to stop sex sins from the author of You Can Stop Masturbation. Grab your copy of You Can Stop Sex Sins today.
Genre: RELIGION / Christian Education / Children & Youth

Secondary Genre: RELIGION / Sexuality & Gender Studies

Language: English

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Chapter 3: You Need to Meet These Personalities I want to introduce you to three people whose stories you will be reading throughout this book. They are real people and their stories are real stories. Though, I have not used their real names but their stories are real stories. I will be interrupting my writings once in a while to allow them to tell their stories. Each of the insertions of their stories will fit in perfectly with the message of discussion at every time they are used throughout the book. Please I want you to meet Margaret, Ken and Tara. I want you to read from Margaret: "Hello, I'm Margaret Johnson. I'm twenty six. I almost lost my life when I made the most fatal error I have ever made since I was born by having unprotected sex for the first time in my life with a school mate just two months before I was to graduate from the higher institution. Prior to this unfortunate encounter, I had been a virgin and I had vowed to stay like that until I get married. I was also a Christian and I understood the consequences of going into sex sins. Well, I got into one and the results nearly ruined my life".

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