The Christian Entrepreneur by Sesan Oguntade

How Christians can run profitable businesses without breaking the rules of God

S guide for Christians who want to run their businesses with the fear of God

The christian entrepreneurDo You Want To Start And Run Profitable Businesses and Companies And Still Maintain Your Integrity As A Christian? Learn the basic principles of how you can begin to run profitable businesses as a Christian. This book shows what is required of you. It explains, using the eye of the Word of God, basic principles of how billion-dollar businesses run affairs in their companies. You can run a successful business as a Christian in a corrupt world and still maintain your good relationship with God and also be a prime candidate for heaven when Jesus comes back. I want you to download this interesting book today.
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Secondary Genre: RELIGION / Christian Life / Personal Growth

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I want Christians to be in charge of the business world. I want Christians to call the shots in the various industries. I want all the wealth available for God's kingdom purposes. Please don't nurse the thought that I'm crazy with my passion which I showed above. No. Don't nurse that thought. It's God who has put that passion and desire into me over the years. Initially, I never knew it was something I have to really consider but the persistent knock and deposits of God into my heart on issues around this topic got me in. This is the reason for the writing and production of information products ranging from ebooks, books, videos, podcast and online video courses to teach Biblical principles that will help Christians and anyone who'll be interested to operate uniquely and profitably in their various industries with their businesses and still maintain their Godly status and be prime candidates for rapture when Jesus comes back.

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