Billion Dollar Feebies Strategies by Sesan Oguntade

Unique and Efficient Small Business Marketing Fundamentals

How billion -Dollar companies and entrepreneurs use free things to rake in profits

Billion dollar feebies strategieswant you to find out how billion-dollar organizations have used freebies, free gifts to create billion-dollar businesses. These secrets can also help you to grow your own profitable business in no time. It sounds odd that businesses can actually make money or accrue unlimited profits by giving things away. Yet my findings show this is exactly what these organizations have done for many years now and they are not letting off this billion-dollar strategy. I have tried to copy some aspect of this strategy and have seen how useful they have been to my business and the organization I run. I have provided my extensive findings in this simple-to-use book. I investigated some of the top billion-dollar organizations and individuals and take my third eye to look at how they are using the freebies strategy to increase profits in their businesses. Over 15 organizations were investigated and their styles analyzed for you. I also ensured I gave a description of how you can copy the strategies of these big players after each analysis. You will enjoy this aspect of the guide.
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want you to read the interesting statement of Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords, a major ebook distributor in the world; it's reputed to be the largest ebook distributor online: "I realized publishers were unable to take risk on every author. This forced them to reject many great writers. So I created Smashwords, a free ebook publishing platform that would help any author, anywhere in the world, self-publish an ebook. By operating free, self-serve ebook publishing platform, I would be able to take risk on every author. Yes, FREE is part of the Smashwords business model too." Now the big questions are: 1. Why would Facebook make their exciting platform which they spent lots of money and time to set up free to anyone who wants to register and use it? The company even placed an interesting statement on the website sign up page that the use of the website will be free forever! 2. Why would a company like Google started out making their cherished search platform available to everyone free of charge and has maintained this policy till date? I also discovered that this great company is not done yet; they are always ready to push out a freebie to the world every now and then. I will be taking you through the billion-dollar freebies strategy of Google in this book. The story of this company will set the pace for other analysis that will be done in this book. 3. Why would Amazon create platforms like the Kindle Direct Publishing and invites authors worldwide to publish their books on this platform free of charge?

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