Wealth Codes by Sesan Oguntade

An epic Christian novel on strong financial teachings

A Christian fiction on creating wealth in an African setting

Wealth codesWhat can a Christian do when he finds himself at a crossroad of financial helplessness despite obeying and keeping to the teachings of the bible on financial prosperity from childhood. Should he jettisons bible teachings and embrace other ways of prospering financially? This was where Bola Ajagun found himself. He was Christian and a government classroom teacher but his financial well being was nothing to write home about. It did not portray a good image of the Christianity he professed. Did Bola find a solution? Did he abandon the bible teachings he had practiced from childhood? Where did the solution to his problem came from? What was the role played by friends, colleagues, wife and God in this whole thing?
Genre: YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Careers, Occupations, Internships

Secondary Genre: YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Religious / Christian / Social Issues

Language: English

Keywords: Wealth, Christian, business, finances, biblical principles, Christian fiction , Money, family

Word Count: 25000

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It was another day at work and it was in the morning of the first Friday in the month of July, 1999/2000 session. There were few teachers already seated at their various seats in the big staff room for the teaching job of the day. Bola Ajagun, a Mathematics and Science Teacher with one of the best public schools in town was sitting at his table with his chin resting on his two palms while his elbows were also resting on top of his table. When am I really going to come out of these money troubles, he said to himself as he watched some of his colleagues who were already around chatting away the morning instead of taking their time to prepare for the work of the day. "It's practically impossible for you to be a Christian and also become extremely wealthy. Those who're rich today and claimed to be Christians are not telling us the whole truth about their wealth," one of his colleagues had said in one of their many classroom discussions on financial prosperity last week. "That's not right, Mr. Kolawole," he had replied. "The bible teaches financial prosperity and I know of quiet a few people who have prospered immensely by applying only these teachings from the bible." "Eh Eh, so you believe them."

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I want to say a big thank you to this translator and I highly recommend this translator to anyone. This Christian fiction book has its setting in Africa but the translator diligently did a good job.

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