How to Get a Miracle from God With Your Faith by Sesan Oguntade

A Practical Story Illustration

You shouldn't allow the topic of faith to be a mystery to you again. This guide uses simple stories and charts to show you what the Christian faith Is all about. The author shared interesting personal story that will help grasp the required information

How to get a miracle from god with your faith3 friends (Collins, John and Tom) got set to go on a journey to Ethiopia in Africa from the United States of America. Collins took a decision to undertake his journey by trekking to Ethiopia; John planned to undertake his journey by running to Ethiopia while Tom planned to fly to Ethiopia from America. It's so clear and easy to understand that Tom will get to Ethiopia before the other two friends of his. The same way a flying faith will always help you to get great godly success or results on this earth than a 'trekking' or 'running' faith. Our world today needs flying 'faithers'. The devilish temptations are many, only flying 'faithers; will endure to the end and overcome all temptations and fulfill purpose. This short, do-it-yourself guide will show you, using stories and charts, how you can get the best of your Christian experience walking by faith with God. The step-by-step illustrations will teach you in about 20 minutes registering Christian values in you that will turn you into a great faith walker with God. You can now begin to lean on God's Word to solve that nagging problem that has refused to go. You will now begin to go on your knees to pray and enjoy your prayers sessions. You will begin to use principles to offer your prayers to God and expect to get results from it. Flying with your Christian faith will become a regular practice for you. You should obtain a copy today.
Genre: RELIGION / Christian Life / Spiritual Warfare

Secondary Genre: RELIGION / Biblical Studies / Wisdom Literature

Language: English

Keywords: Christian faith, how to walk by faith, Faith and god, jesus and faith, prayers by faith , bible faith christian, how to have faith , Get answered prayers

Word Count: 2750

Sample text:
"After four years of marriage, myself and my wife were childless. My wife found it difficult getting pregnant. We tried every Godly solution that was available but nothing happened. We prayed every prayer possible and quoted every bible passages possible but all to no avail. The only results we were getting were God's promises that we don't have any problem and that he would give us children. We took the decision to take our faith walk to another level by purchasing baby materials and one of it was placed in our prayer room where we kept anointing it every now and then confessing the arrival of our baby in the process. This also brought no result. Now I never knew that God was waiting for the time we will make our faith fly so that we can learn one of the most profound lessons about faith in our Christian journey so far. On a fateful day, I was taking a walk and I spiritually sensed a message from the Holy Spirit which directs me to instruct our neighbors, friends and relatives to call my wife by the name of the child that she wants to give birth to. I knew this message was from the Holy Spirit because I was not really thinking about that topic at that hour. Most importantly, I had never given a thought to such an idea before.

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