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Hi! I'm Sandy Raven, author of The Caversham Chronicles series, and I write sensual historical romance set in the late-Regency to Victorian era. I try to write emotion-filled stories of family, loyalty and honor.

Sandy raven

Sandy Raven has a husband who spoils her rotten, and kids that are just a hair’s breadth away from perfect. She’s addicted to House Hunters International and has never missed an episode. She is also addicted to Starbucks’ Chai Latte and never passes up an opportunity to have one. Sandy grew up on the Texas Gulf Coast with sand between her toes and perpetually frizzy hair. Which is why she now lives in the middle-of-nowhere Virginia, in a place with minimal to moderate humidity (for perfect, non-frizzy curls,) rolling hills and farmed forests. The only downside to that is the temperamental satellite internet and the closest Starbucks being a thirty-minute drive away. Home is a renovated old farmhouse she shares with her hero husband, in the foothills of Blue Ridge Mountains, where she’s owned by more cats, dogs, and horses than she cares to admit to. She’s a long-time member of RWA and is a member of VRW and the Beau Monde. Second to writing is her love for her horses. She practices natural horsemanship and loves to ride her barefoot Tennessee Walkers on the trails and in the woods around her home.

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