James Lawless (author)

Award winning novelist, poet and short story writer.

James lawless

James Lawless was born in Dublin and is the author of the novels Peeling Oranges, For Love of Anna, The Avenue, Finding Penelope, Knowing Women, Letters to Jude,The Adventures of Jo Jo (for childrenand a study of modern poetry Clearing The Tangled Wood: Poetry as a way of seeing the world for which he received an arts’ bursary. Awards he has won include the Scintilla Welsh Open Poetry Competition, the Cecil Day Lewis Award and the SundayTribune/Hennessy award nomination. Two of his stories were nominated for the Willesden Herald and Bridport prizes. He also won the WOW Award and a Biscuit International Prize for fiction. His poetry collection Rus in Urbe was published by Doghouse in 2012.


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