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When Anna, CoFounder here at The IC, isn't bleeding with Indie Inc pride can be found planning outrageous adventures and snapping pictures. As the COO and CFO she's on top of her game and keeping things organized.


My dear brothers, it was something you said, which leads us to today’s episode of decoding the opposite sex: things to never say to a girl.
My usual thought process went to the human condition related to this plan and what could have been for some of my friends.
You’re smart, funny, beautiful. You have no trouble getting dates.
There are expressions amongst marathon runners – some people agree and some people may not – that it is 10% physical and 90% mental. I, personally, agree. Whether it is a marathon, overcoming a fear, getting the job you want, or whatever your primary go
Dating has become a chore- and like any chore, we are always working to find ways to work smarter, not harder.
Your goal is to have a worst-case scenario of “that was a good meal/drink/etc.” Unless she’s just that bad.
Sometimes, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks — but they can certainly show you a thing or two!
’m learning tonnes in my new role, too, and am being given all sorts of marketing and promotion responsibility – which is perfect!
Conflicts arose due to our separate natures, but we negotiated, challenged, and compromised in the way kids do because the exclamations, “Women!” or, “Men!” hadn’t been learned yet.
And even though everything isn’t totally perfect right now, I know I’m right where I belong. And I’m able to be happy even in our imperfection.
Do you think that the “getting to know the girl” part of the dating game is tricky?
When learning how to make a man fall in love with you, it’s important to know how he thinks.