Things You Can Learn About The Girl You’re Dating In The First Five Minutes Of Your Date by Amy Liza

Do you think that the “getting to know the girl” part of the dating game is tricky?

Things you can learn about the girl you’re dating in the first five minutes of your date

Do you think that the “getting to know the girl” part of the dating game is tricky? Well, it shouldn’t be. Here are the different researches that might point you towards the right direction of getting to know a girl a little bit better by just using your simple powers of deduction and observation. You don’t even have to be skilled like Sherlock Holmes to discern these details!

1. If she’s hotter than the place, then you’re in the right spot. Eyeing a girl for a while? I reckon she’s hot, no, the hottest dame in the joint. In fact, so hot that she already looks a bit out of place. Researches point out that women who dress to the nines even while just going to out to fetch a couple of groceries are actually out hunting for a mate! Go get her mate.

2. If she’s having a glass of red, then you should ask for her number.According to recent studies, girls who have a regular intake of two glasses of red wine crave sex more compared to their non-drinking friends.

3. If she’s looking at you with wide-eyed fervor, then you’re in it for the win! According to a study, ladies who look at you wide-eyed with a bit of lifted eyebrows are more sexually open to whatever’s coming their way.

4. If she’s at the gym, then you don’t even have to look good. Skinny chicks have less estrogen compared to heavier ones. Note that estrogen dictates women to go for Brad Pitt, while those with less could actually settle for Seth Rogen, no offense Green Hornet.

5. If she’s a bit icy, then you just have to get some of that courage boiling.Women that appear to have a cold personality, might not be that into getting romantic with you…which means, you might be able to spend the night with her instead! If she finds you worthwhile, that is.


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