Concrete Criaglist by Amy Liza

My usual thought process went to the human condition related to this plan and what could have been for some of my friends.

Concrete criaglist

As I wrapped up the yard work I was cleaning off the sidewalks and front porch. 

I see the wear and tear of the years and think it is time to refinish the driveway and walkway to the front door.

But my usual thought process went to the human condition related to this plan and what could have been for some of my friends.

“Nick” and I met in little league. His Dad was eventually my coach and we also ended up in High School together.  I was closer in age to his younger brothers who were too busy chasing girls for all the wrong reasons, for some one our age. (They are both are now bald and have aged…badly). Not judging…just enjoying Karma. 

Nick went to the Dark side after High School and eventually ended up in jail for grand theft of one kind or another. 

Later in life at an inpromptu high school reunion, at a local park, I ran into him and he turned his life around.  Mostly. 

He met a beautiful woman, found God….got a house, started a construction business and everything seemed right in the world. Mostly. 

I got him to bid (and won) on a pavered court for our kid’s school. 

It turned out beautiful, saved the school tons of money and the kids had a new learning place outdoors. 

I then told friends and family about his business and he did some work for my in-laws.  But Nick was slipping and did a shoddy job.  His home life, business and marriage was unraveling. 

I was going to use him as well but decided not too until he got things straightened out. 

That never happened. 

I got a message from him months later, then a phone call.  He was living out of his truck and needed money.  Even his huge extended family and friends wouldn’t help him. 

I made a decision to not lend him any money. (Based on his recent arrests and his own family disowned him). I think he stole from them as well. 

Call me heartless but I had my own bills and family to watch out for. (I’m not rolling in charity cash)

But I also didn’t want to open that Pandora’s box with him. 

How long before he would case my house? 

He lost his wife, business and family. 

I think he is selling cars now at a local “lemon lot” and I can imagine how reliable those deals and cars are. 

I’m burned out from work, from the yard….or analyzing Nick’s life and choices. (Which are none of my business)

I have some deep philosophical tie-in about the permanency of concrete, love, marriage, friendship…and trust….but I’m going to leave that up to you to write.

I think what crushes the romantic in me the most is that he lost the love of a good woman.  He lost his 2nd chance.  

I hope he finds his….foundation. 

(Lame…but you get the point)  

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