Taylor Storm (author)

Taylor Storm is the author of seven winning novels, including the internationally renowned cliff-hangers.

Taylor storm

Taylor Storm is the author of seven winning novels, including the internationally renowned cliff-hangers:

* Who Are They? The Extreme Limit
* Who Loves Them? The Pre-Arranged Wedding
* Who Loves Her? The Vanilla Wedding
* Who Am I? Shocked to Emotion
* Who Chases Them? Running...But From What?
* Who Is He? The Black Hoax: An Identity Crises
* Who Deceives Whom? The Art of Trickery and Deception

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Do you ever wonder why some people adopt children from other countries? Perhaps they have an ulterior motive...but what is the motive? Read this novel story about how an adoption can go wrong, and who is all involved and why in the underlying tale.
The cost of redemption is great, but the cost of sin is even greater. It all depends on the basic nature of a given person, and the life they are given.
Jake keeps monitoring his son’s online activity, but with what first is curiosity then becomes an addicted interest.
Mother plants a bomb on her husband; daughter learns the truth.
Paige and Jordan fall in love and live beyond their means, which drives them to crime.
Have you ever imagined what life is like for intersex people? No one can truly understand or get a perfect picture of a situation they have never been in; it’s a mystery, but exquisite books like this help boost our creative thinking.
Emma’s parents are upset with Michael for the publicity he is getting for the disappearance of their pregnant daughter as a result to posting it on social media!
Pat tried to give Jimmy a normal childhood, but he was not without his emotional problems that put a damper on things from time to time.
Start the Who--? Series with Who Are They? The Extreme Limit
Sarah runs into a couple young girls who end up helping her in her efforts to get Brad. The one girl knew of a place where they could go and be safe, which Sarah thought was a woman’s shelter, but ended up being a brothel.
Doug reveals his antics to Chloe and together they plot stage their deaths, by first robbing a bank, then going on an expensive vacation and disappearing
Mindy discovers who she really is and why she was sent to earth, and what leads to her capture.
Susan writes her story with her doctor’s encouragement to find acceptance and peace over the loss of her husband.
Chris learns of her pre-arranged marriage; when she meets the man, is surprised that he was the gorgeous hunk that she had seen when vacationing at a resort with a girlfriend.