Mauricio Robe Barbosa Campos (author)

I'm a author from Brazil: mistery, sci-fi and literature

Mauricio robe barbosa campos

Mauricio R B Campos was born in São Paulo in 1977. Graduated in Business Administration MBA in Business Finance from Federal University of Ceara, works at the Bank of Brazil. He served as editor and translator of the Publisher Lusíadas. In May 2005 had the Yadis short story published on the European website of science fiction Simetria, from the Portuguese Association of Science Fiction and Fantastic.
After receiving an honorable mention for his poetry 645 ASES - Writers Association of Bragança Paulista, participated of the Third Anthology Poetry City.
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Um romance sobre Magia do Caos
Livro de contos, carregados de lirismo, alguns deles premiados.
O Distrito Amarelo é uma antologia de contos de horror baseados em Chambers e Lovecraft.
Encontros e despedidas nas folhas de papel.
Sci-fi post apocaliptic about artificial intelligence (in portuguese)