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Hello, we are an independent publishing house. We have a lot of books which we want to be translated. Normally, our books have done well in the American market. We look forward to signing new contracts with aspiring translators to publish books in foreign languages.

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A Complete Guide to Alkaline Diet & Naturally Lose Weight (This proven Diet)
A Complete Gaide & Balancing Your Health, Your Weight
Beat Nervousness, Anxiety, Stress And Depression In A Month With Amazing Meditation
Simply Reduce Anxiety And Panic Attacks
Understanding Anxiety, Panic Attacks And Win At Your Life
30 Best Simple Tips to Master and Understand Everyone
A Complete Guide to Learn Human Psycholog
Boost Your Confidence and Influence People in Life
The Definitive Guide to Develop Your Self Confidence
The Definitive Guide to Develop Your Self Confidence and Human Psychology
Reach Optimum Fitness With Slow Cooker Meals (Fantastic Recipes)
Enjoy Slow Cooking Experience And Taste Like Never Before (Healthy Family)
Achieve Goals And Improve Decision MAking In Business
Differnt Leadership Styles To Be Successful In Business
7-Proven Online Business and How to Earn Money Fast
90 Ways to Make Money for Beginners
Mastering Manifestation and Attracting What You Want Fast!
Become a Master in Managing Your Time to Boost Memory for Better Productivity
(2b) 10 Proven Strategies for Overcoming Procrastination with Explained Methods
15 Proven Ways to Achieve Your Goals
(3b) How any business can build a culture that improves productivity and personal life
(4b) Learn How to Be Productive and Effective Communication in Workplace and Success Your Life
Learn How to Supercharge Your Productivity with Improving Your Productivity
(5b) Proven Tactics to Master Your Time Supercharge Productivity & Better Time Management
The Ultimate Guide to Improve Focus and Productivity with Increase Productivity
(1b) The Ultimate Guide to Improve Focus Overcome Procrastination and Increase Productivity
The Ultimate Guide to Increasing Your Productivity And Ways to Beat Procrastination
The Ultimate Guide to Speed Reading to Boost Productivity
The Ultimate Guide to Your Reading Speed Learning Abilities
Tips and Techniques to Improve Reading Speed and How to Boost Productivity by Reading
Triple Your Reading Speed to Practice Quickly