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Vanilla Heart Publishing is based in Washington State, USA and we are celebrating nine years of publishing great books by terrific authors!

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Annie discovers she isn't the only one of her kind, and she'll need to use all her strength to save people around her... if she survives.
One man with a desire for revenge that blinds him, and in the end is his undoing, as he unleashes his demon to walk and hunt under the African moon.
An innocent act unleashes a horror that walks the African night... under the full moon... and nothing is safe.
Come face to face with The Secret Sect that has emerged from the dark past and now walks the night.
a short story of mystery and the supernatural
Emily is one adventurous teenaged girl!
A serial killer threatens a town's safety
He gave her everything, and she gave it right back.
Lady Jannessa Guillory answers the call of the night to discover her future.
A paramedic moves his family into a nightmare.
Liliana finds herself alone as her life shatters around her.
The search is on for Piet van Zyl - one a search and rescue, the other a seek and destroy.
Annie Furman has a gift that allows her, while she sleeps, to visit people in their time of need - but who will be there for her when she needs help?
Boom! That deafening sound changed Liliana’s life forever.
They've heard the ghost hunters' claims the building is haunted, filled with strange lights, apparitions and the voices of former patients calling for help.
Seattle homicide detective, Lieutenant Lilah Evans, finds herself fighting against new murders, new monsters, a new hallucinogenic – and herself.
A Seattle Homicide cop works nights – and that is a good thing – she is half-vampire.
For Liliana, the devastating secret she learns, pushes her to search for answers from her father, El Jefe.
Someone or some thing does not want Corinne's life to be either quiet or boring.
Charlie Costigan has a secret that will change the lives of everyone she knows.
Her childhood love, the first man to break her heart, now a police officer, comes to her aid.
A fast paced thriller that takes you on the hunt for a man-eater, and leads you into the night, from where you might not return.
Piet fights the mighty Zambezi river to save the child he saved once before.
Will these two lonely hearts ever make a love connection or has this cupid's arrow missed its mark?
Will December convince the cynical Clarissa to take a chance on romance?
Abandoned by her husband, disappointed in daughter Susie's casual attitude Dad's having a mid-life crisis, Beth decides to re-establish herself as the winner she once was.