Blood Demon: Revenge by Paul Zunckel

One man with a desire for revenge that blinds him, and in the end is his undoing, as he unleashes his demon to walk and hunt under the African moon.

Blood demon: revenge

One man with a desire for revenge that blinds him, and in the end is his undoing, as he unleashes his demon to walk and hunt under the African moon. 

Pure evil, that walks in the African bush. An evil that devours – called up from the darkness of hell in a ritual that involves flesh and blood…

Piet van Zyl finds himself on the receiving end of madness as he confronts the Blood Demon that threatens the very lives of those he loves.

Genre: FICTION / Action & Adventure

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Thrillers

Language: English


Word Count: 40,000

Sales info:

Book 3 of The Blood Trilogy, recently released, is beginning to filter through to the OverDrive system for ebooks, but has taken off nicely through paperback wholesaler and library sales. The ebook sells best on Kobo, iBooks, and Scribd. Blood Demon: Revenge sparked interest in the first two books of the trilogy, and we are pleased with the trilogy and how it feeds each individual book's sales.

Sample text:

The colour of the suitcase catches her eye as it moves along the conveyor belt with all the others being loaded onto the connecting flight to Port Elizabeth. She looks around to see where the supervisor might be lurking. It’s been two weeks since she last helped herself to a passenger’s luggage and she didn’t want to get caught now. This suitcase was very tempting. It had come off an international flight.

Quickly, with practiced ease, she removes the case, and slips it into a dark corner of the loading area, ready to be picked up and taken home when she goes off duty. No one will say anything... airline luggage always seems to go missing when in transit.


She boards the taxi that will take her home, clutching the case with practiced ease, giving the impression it belonged to her to anyone that might look her way. The contents of the suitcase feels the change in temperature as she holds it against her body and it moves amongst the clothes, closer to the source of heat.

Her thoughts are filled with wild imaginations of what wonderful things she’ll find in the case, and she hurries home so that she can inspect her ill gotten gains, and if there is nothing in there of any value, she can always sell it to a neighbour. At least, the only one to lose is the passenger waiting in Port Elizabeth for their luggage to arrive.


She throws the case on her bed. The jolt causes the contents to coil in defence under the clothes. She breaks the lock and she quickly plunges her hands into the clothes.

Her look of greed turns to terror as pain shoots up her right arm, and she pulls her hand back and screams when she sees the Bush Viper attached to her wrist, its fangs buried deep into her flesh.



Book translation status:

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Already translated. Translated by Liezl Dreyer
Author review:
Ms. Dreyer continues to work her magic translating to Afrikaans, and we are all very impressed with both her professionalism and her well-qualified translation services.

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