Blood Moon Over Africa by Paul Zunckel

An innocent act unleashes a horror that walks the African night... under the full moon... and nothing is safe.

Blood moon over africa

Africa, a place where superstition and witchcraft runs deep, a place of beauty, but where death lurks in the shadows. A land shrouded in mystery, with ancient beliefs simmering just beneath the surface - set on a collision course with modern western ideas. 

An innocent act unleashes a horror that walks the African night... under the full moon... and nothing is safe.

Piet van Zyl, safari owner, finds himself drawn into a world of witchcraft, and face to face with a horror returned from the grave. With the support of Veronica Strydom, with her vast knowledge of African Culture, he must rid the night of the abomination, or die trying.

Genre: FICTION / Action & Adventure

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Thrillers

Language: English


Word Count: 46,500

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Best sales venue currently is a tie between Kobo and Apple iBooks, A bit of a surprise is that libraries worldwide are selecting the trilogy for their patron libraries in ebook editions and also through wholesale on Amazon. 

Sample text:

Across the dry African bush, the wind plays with the leaves of the trees, and the shadows grow longer as the full moon climbs higher in the sky. A distant howl echoes over the vast African landscape, splitting the night in two. The leopard freezes in his tracks as he moves from the safety of the shrubs. Silence descends like a blanket as the howl echoes off the kopje behind him, the chirping of the crickets and the mating call of the frogs disappear. The other watches as the big cat moves slowly around the corner of the deserted house. The attack is fast and deadly. The other launches itself onto the back of the cat, its strong jaws latching onto the thick neck of the leopard, just behind the head. The cat rolls onto its back, trying to dislodge its attacker, blood flies, bone is crushed and the spinal cord severed, the big cat now paralyzed. He is at the mercy of the other. The leopard’s head is torn from its body, and sounds of ripping and tearing now fill the night as the other eats.


The other stands in the clearing. All is still. It lifts its head to the heavens and howls out proud ownership of the night.


Nothing is safe when the moon is full.



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Already translated. Translated by Liezl Dreyer
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Fantastic translator! Easy to work with, very efficient and fast, and superb translation work!

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