Into the Darkness by Paul Zunckel

The search is on for Piet van Zyl - one a search and rescue, the other a seek and destroy.

Into the darkness

Piet van Zyl steps into the darkness of the mind when a violent blow to the back of his head causes him to suffer memory loss. Left for dead, to wander the wilds of the Zambezi Valley, home to the big five, unarmed and with no memory of who he is or where he comes from. 

The search is on for the burly South African, one a search and rescue, the other a seek and destroy. Who will get to Piet first... will he survive the wilds of Africa, the land he loves, or will it destroy him? 

Genre: FICTION / Action & Adventure

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Suspense

Language: English


Word Count: 44200

Sales info:

Brand new release in the Piet van Zyl Adventure Thriller series by South African author Paul Zunckel. 

Sample text:

Into the Darkness

A Piet van Zyl Adventure Thriller

by Paul Zunckel





The sun burns down on the man’s back as he stumbles through the thick African bush, his mind a haze as he struggles to find his identity, he has no idea who he is, what his name is, or where he is from or where he is.

The vicious thorns from the Coral tree cut deep into his flesh as he forces his way through the thicket, the sound of running water spurring him on as his throat cries out for the life giving liquid, and in desperation he throws his body down the steep embankment towards salvation, plunging his head deep into the dark water, drinking deeply, unaware of the surface of the river being broken as one of the giant reptiles that call the Zambezi home slowly start to stalk the drinking man.

Too much water at once, the man falls away from the river, gagging as his stomach rejects the liquid, and in a rush, it is expelled from his burning body. He sits back, away from the water’s edge, his heart hammering like a freight train moving up a steep incline, taking in lungful of air, gasping, looking around... his eyes wide, fearful as he is unable to understand what is happening to him.

He looks back at the river and his eyes fall upon the giant reptile that waits just below the surface of the water, and with a cry of terror the man push’s back, away from the edge, all thoughts of quenching the burning thirst inside him forgotten as he scrambles up the river bank away from the danger. He is unable to name the danger, but somehow he recognized what it represented to him.



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Already translated. Translated by Liezl Dreyer
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We are so impressed by the translator's proficiency, timeliness, communications, and amazing ability to capture the very essence the author intended.

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