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Shahid hussain raja

After putting in 35 years of service I retired as federal secretary to the Government of Pakistan in 2012 and started working as independent consultant (public policy ).Since my retirement I have been preparing series of presentations on the essential skills for public servants which are available at SlideShare as well as at my blog(i.e. I have also helped the University of Management and Technology,Lahore,Pakistan in establishing their School of Governance and Society.Presently I have been engaged by the Secretariat Training Institute ,Islamabad (Pakistan ),a public sector institution responsible for imparting training to the newly recruited as well as senior government officers,to prepare a concept paper for the establishment of a Research Center to conduct evidence based research on public policy issues of the country. At the same time I am doing some voluntary work in promoting education and women empowerment in the rural areas from the platform of Major Raja Hamid Mahmood Trust,an NGO,co-founded by me in memory of my late brother.Another NGO by the name of Green Growth is also being registered to popularize the sustainable agricultural practices among the farmers and making them aware of the long term adverse effects of using chemical inputs beyond the permissible limits in the backdrop of looming climate change and other environmental threats


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Traces the history of economic development of a post-colonial state.
Explains the history of privatisatin in Pakistan and explores its prospectus and the challenges it faces
What is a public policy,why and how these are formulated and what are the features of a good public policy
Historical background of the present Syrian crises,its present and future scenarios
Explains the causes of decline of Pakistan Railways and suggests measures to revitalise it.