Richard Carlson (author)

Richard Carlson Jr. is the author of children’s and coming-of-age books.

Richard carlson

Richard Carlson Jr. is the author of children’s and coming-of-age books. He receives tremendous satisfaction from writing not only entertaining stories, but stories that provide valuable lessons and good examples for children to follow and learn and grow from. He takes great pride in his writing and always strives to do his best. He lives in the beautiful and diverse desert of the southwestern United States.

Important themes in his books include:

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Thirteen-year-old Rod falls in love with Pete, who has handsome bare feet, a cute face, and a nice body.
Thirteen-year-old Luke falls in love with Tristan, a cute boy in his new neighborhood, but Tristan turns out to be a bully.
Rich, a severely mentally ill man, is a hero when he comes across an unconscious woman lying in the parking lot.
Thirteen-year-old, bisexual Jason falls madly in love with twelve-year-old Max, the totally adorably handsome new boy in the neighborhood.
High school is almost out for winter break. Fifteen-year-old Robbie has the hots for blue-eyed Jeremy, the handsome boy with cute dimples, whom he doesn’t know very well.
Thirteen-year-old, bisexual Brian falls in love with Curtis, the really cute boy down the street.
High school is finally out for the summer. Fifteen-year-old, bisexual Carlos falls in love with Eddie, a cute muscular boy and new friend.
Sixteen-year-old, bisexual Todd falls madly in love with Noah, the cute boy in Free Enterprise class whom he doesn’t know very well.
Fifteen-year-old Jayden knows for certain that he’s gay.
Richard Carlson Jr. was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia when he was twenty-one years of age.