Naked Club: A Gay Coming-of-Age Love Story by Maxwell Carlsen

High school is finally out for the summer. Fifteen-year-old, bisexual Carlos falls in love with Eddie, a cute muscular boy and new friend.

Naked club: a gay coming-of-age love story

High school is finally out for the summer. Fifteen-year-old, bisexual Carlos falls in love with Eddie, a cute muscular boy and new friend. What mischief and mayhem do the boys cause?

Genre: FICTION / Gay

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Coming of Age

Language: English

Keywords: gay boys, gay teen fiction, gay fiction, gay coming of age, adolescent sex, gay love, gay teen boy lovers

Word Count: 5409

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Naked Club, in English sells several copies a week in e-book format..

Sample text:

Chapter 1


May 1989


Carlos showed off to Eddie, "I think I’m gonna get all As except for one Bin Advanced English," as he wiped sweat from his forehead. The school bus didn’t have air conditioning, and it was a scorching Arizona day, the last day of school for the summer. The bus was overfilled, with all seats having three students and some even having four students. Eddie was sitting against the window, Carlos in the middle, and Brett, a tall kid at the end.

"You’re smart. I’m not good at English or math. I flunked Algebra first semester—and have to take it again next year. Math sucks, big time," Eddie explained, "But I’m going to get an Ain Auto Mechanics and in Woodshop."

He is beautiful,Carlos thought, He is an angel. My body is so close to his muscular arms and I'm gonna feel his teenage mustache against my lips. Oh, look at his cute dimples when he smiles. He had fallen in love. He had known he was bisexual since junior high, when he’d turned thirteen. In the fall, Carlos and Eddie would be sophomores.

Carlos said, "I’m not any smarter than you; it’s just that my parents, especially my mother, push my sister and me to get all As and to take the hardest classes. She’s from Mexico and crossed the border as an illegal alien when she was twenty-one, because life was very rough for her there. She had nothing in Mexico. That’s why she’s an attorney today: she took advantage of a better situation in America."

"Your mom is an illegal?" Eddie asked, raising his eyebrows surprised and revealing his cute dimples again. "Really? Why doesn’t she become a citizen?" Eddie asked, "Aren’t you worried about her being thrown out of the country?"

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