Naked Aphrodites: A Gay Coming-of-Age Love Story by Maxwell Carlsen

Thirteen-year-old, bisexual Brian falls in love with Curtis, the really cute boy down the street.

Naked aphrodites: a gay coming-of-age love story

Thirteen-year-old, bisexual Brian falls in love with Curtis, the really cute boy down the street. Does Curtis fall for Brian?

Genre: FICTION / Gay

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Coming of Age

Language: English

Keywords: boy, gay, romance, coming of age, dating, homo, homosexual, homophobia, love, gay fiction, gay boys

Word Count: 4104

Sales info:

When the book was first published as an e-book, it sold several copies a week. Then, I unpublished the book for about week. Then, I republished under different categories. It is too soon to see how many copies will sell.

Sample text:

Naked Aphrodites

A Gay Coming-of-Age Love Story


By Maxwell Carlsen


Copyright 2018 Maxwell Carlsen

Cover Photograph Credit: jhandersen/  

Chapter 1



Thirteen-year-old, handsome Curtis sat next to his best friend, Brian, also thirteen, on the school bus on the ride home. In a week, seventh grade would be out for the summer.

He’s so cute.Brian knew he was bisexual. Brian had fallen in love. His chest tingled, and his stomach quivered with delight. He felt lighter than air. Curtis’s blue eyes were so beautiful, and he was so cute, even cuter than Robbie, the handsome muscular boy Brian had been admiring in the gym locker room. Brian wanted to hug and kiss Curtis right now, but how could he, with the kids on the bus? And he didn't even know if Curtis was gay. 

He smiled as he glanced at Curtis, revealing his braces. Brian couldn’t wait to see Curtis’s feet this summer—he had seen them when they'd swum at Curtis’s house in the past, but he hadn't been attracted to Curtis then.

"In Octopussy," Curtis explained as the bus reached a stoplight, "James Bond is in Cuba in the beginning, and there’s even someone who plays Castro, you know." 

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Gonzalo did an outstanding job! Very nice and professional, great communication. Highly recommended!

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