Boy Trouble: A Gay Coming-of-Age Love Story by Maxwell Carlsen

Thirteen-year-old Luke falls in love with Tristan, a cute boy in his new neighborhood, but Tristan turns out to be a bully.

Boy trouble: a gay coming-of-age love story

For mature readers, 18 years and older. Thirteen-year-old Luke falls in love with Tristan, a cute boy in his new neighborhood, but Tristan turns out to be a bully. Does Luke find a boyfriend?

Genre: FICTION / Gay

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Coming of Age

Language: English

Keywords: gay fiction, gay boy fiction, gay boys, coming out, gay teens

Word Count: 3408

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The book was recently published and has had several sales already.

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A Gay Coming-of-Age Love Story


Maxwell Carlsen


Copyright 2019 Maxwell Carlsen

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Late June 1984


As thirteen-year-old Luke sucked his lime-flavored lollipop, he said, "See? I'm going to suck on it, good," as Tristan, the same age, smirked. They stood under a tall maple tree, next to the monkey bars in Luke's backyard. 

Tristan tilted his ankle to the side, scuffing his red high top. "Let's go inside the shed," he said, making Luke’s insides tingle with love for this absolute angel. "I'm going to show you something." Tristan motioned for Luke to follow him. 

Luke smiled, following Tristan inside.






One Week Earlier


Luke hung by his arms from the rusty monkey bars in his new backyard. He had been outside for about an hour now. The sun would set very soon. His family would be moving in within the next week or so. His parents were painting the master bedroom right now, while Luke hung around outside. Soon, the sun would set. A boy approached from the edge of the woods. Luke noticed the boy's really cute face as the boy neared. Luke got down and held out his hand to the cute boy. Luke was gay, and the sight of this boy filled him with sexual feelings like he had never had for anyone else.



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