Raven Whitney (author)

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I'm Raven Whitney: nerd, animal lover, and author of pulse-pounding urban fantasies and steamy paranormal romances.

Raven whitney

Raven Whitney is a book hoarder who lives in a horse barn. She graduated from college with a major in biology and a minor in chemistry, but left behind a career in academia to pursue all the stories that had been so insistently whispering in her ears since she was a teenager.

From under her rock, she slaves away on her laptop. When not working on the family farm or on her books, she is most often found underneath a pile of cats and/or dogs. She enjoys reading, cooking, knitting, watching TV with her family, and playing the occasional video game. She has also recently dipped a trepidatious toe into gardening.

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Constance escaped but isn't safe yet. Octavius' best assassin is after her.
Scarred by loss, Constance is out for blood.
An old flame comes back to burn Constance's world to cinder, but not if she gets to her first.
A magic bracelet brings Constance Flynn's worst nightmare to her doorstep.