Tresia by Raven Whitney

An old flame comes back to burn Constance's world to cinder, but not if she gets to her first.


Do frequent flier miles apply to kidnappees? That's one thing Constance would like to know. But in spite of his questionable morals, the latest man to hold Constance captive wants only to protect and teach her. At least, that's how it seems.

Jack may not be an enemy, but there's a wait list a mile long of people who want to kill him. All it takes is one to shatter Constance's fragile peace.

Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Paranormal

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Paranormal

Language: English

Keywords: urban fantasy, action, magic, mage, witches, zombies

Word Count: 50,000

Sales info:

This book has 4.9 stars on Amazon and 4.1 stars on Goodreads.

Sample text:

I stopped seconds later, fork in hand. Something didn't feel right. “Lexie.”


“Mute the TV.” I looked around out the window, but didn't see anything.


Impatient, I snapped my fingers at her. I didn't want to talk. We needed quiet.

She gave me a confused look, but did as I asked.

A few seconds passed in silence.

“What?” she asked, looking around like I was going crazy.

I stepped onto the front porch and peered up and down the beach. There wasn't a soul in sight. It wasn't very late and there were always at least one or two nighttime parties or teenagers trying to drink under the cover of darkness.

But it was empty. A knot formed in my stomach. Maybe I was just being paranoid, but there were people trying to kill me. I had reason to be.

Lexie followed me out. “What?”

“Something isn't right.” My hand reached for the hilt of my sword, but didn't draw it yet. “Get Jack.”

She hurried to the backyard to retrieve him from his shower. I stayed where I was to keep an eye out.

Lexie's scream from the yard brought me tearing through the house to reach them.

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Already translated. Translated by ES TRADUZIONI and Eugenia Franzoni

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