Julie C. Gilbert (author)

Writer. Teacher. Believer.

Julie c. gilbert

Hi all,

Within the last few years, I've taken to writing during the year, but my "day job" is that of chemistry teacher. I've got several series and will be launching a few more withing the next six months.

I have works in science fiction, fantasy (soon), young adult, Christian mystery, mystery/thriller, and probably a few more genres. Oh yes, poetry, not that you'll want to translate that.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.


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A collection of key chemistry topics translated into simple language for students.
A young girl gets kidnapped because she has the power to shape dreams.
Jillian tries to wake her sister from a coma.
A female FBI agent finds all sorts of trouble.
Two FBI agents search for a kidnapped family
A boy and his friend are captured because they have magic within them.