CS Luis (author)

Science Fiction/ Gay Romance, Erotica, Dark Fantasy, Romance

Cs luis


C.S. Luis has published books in multiple genres  In her free time, C.S. Luis is passionate about art. She enjoys drawing as well as oil painting. An avid reader, she gravitates toward authors like Anne Rice, Joe Hill, L.J. Smith, E.L. James, Christopher Moore, Chuck Palahniuk, and Stephen King.



A Science Fiction adventure and Romance
Gay Romance action/adventure
This is not a bio, but more of an event that took place in high school many years ago; an incident that needed to be told.
LGBT Romance, gay
In the Empire, the Imperial forces are separated into three equal groups; the Imperial officers who serve the Empire, their Commanding Officers who enforce the regulations and Admiral Patrick who resides over these divisions. These are their stories…
An Erotic Dark Romance
Science Fiction, Paranormal, Fantasy
Erotica Romance