Extraction by CS Luis

The Claudia Belle Series

A Science Fiction adventure and Romance


Claudia never imagined what her life would be like if her parents were gone, but now she's faced with that horrible reality. Her mind-reading ability has always made her feel special, but as she enters her new life all she feels like is an outcast. 
Sentenced to live with the grandfather she never knew she had, Claudia will experience high school as the principal's granddaughter. Despite misconceptions, her anger has kept her from building a relationship with the man. 
Then one day at school Claudia has a close brush with death. A handsome stranger, Quentin, from a force completely alien to her normal world, saves her. Who is he and why does she feel a strange connection to him?

Genre: FICTION / Action & Adventure

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Paranormal

Language: English

Keywords: Romance, Paranormal, Science Fiction, fantasy, adventure

Word Count: 33130

Sample text:

She was dressed in a white uniform, with red lining the outer side of her pant leggings and collar. She didn’t know what that meant. Color seemed to indicate something about her place among those here. There were strange markings on the side of her cotton-sleeved garment. They seemed to signify a rank. She felt like a zoo animal looking out of the glass as she took a step forward and came to stand before it. 

“Come to me, Maya. Please,” his voice begged. “I need you more than ever. Don’t let them keep us apart any longer. I want you close. Come to me. Please.”

How many days had it been? How many years? She tried to count them by the markings that lined the side of her bed. There were 17 maybe 18, she couldn’t be sure.

“How? I can’t--”She began to beg, but then her lips froze as she heard his voice again. It was so clear. So vivid.

“Yes, you can. You have far more power than you realize. Trust me,” he said.

She wanted to ask, why now? Why her? She could feel it in herself: the urgency to be with him. Was it destiny? Was it a link? A connection? What was pulling her forward on this path?


Her head spun around toward the other end of the corridor; a few lamps lit the hallway from each end, making it difficult to clearly see the inside of each individual cell across from her own. She was sure they were all asleep; she couldn’t sense them as she could sense him,but if they were awake, she’d be able to hear their thoughts.

Above the cell glass entrance was a red light, a sort of alarm system that would alert them if she tried to open the door.

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