Chrissy Peebles (author)

Bestselling Amazon Author

Chrissy Peebles has hit #1 on the fantasy and horror charts on numerous occasions with her Ruby Ring Saga and Apocalypse Infection Unleashed Series. She has also hit #1 in Hot New Releases. Chrissy has been a ranked author in Amazon's top 100 in horror and fantasy. Eternal Destiny has appeared on the charts 435 times. It has appeared on charts in Australia, Canada, Germany, UK, USA. It has appeared on the Action & Adventure , Fiction & Literature genre charts.

Her paranormal fantasy series, Eternal Vows, and her horror series, The Zombie Chronicles have been on the Top 100 Amazon bestsellers list since its release in 2012.

Chrissy Peebles has published 18 books that have appeared on the Amazon charts. These books have appeared on charts in Australia, Canada, Germany, UK, USA.


This is book 2.
She accidentally marries a billionaire
She woke up accidentally married.
Part 3 of the series
With so many enemies, can Taylor ever be safe?
With trouble brewing all around them, can they outrun the supernaturals who want to see them dead?
Can Taylor accept the fate she has been given?
Taylor is shocked to learn that Big Bear Lake isn't just glittering lakes, towering pines, and breathtaking mountains...there's more...way more than meets the eye.
This is book 5.
This is book 3.
With everything on the line, they decide to trust an enemy who promises them a life-saving cure - an eternal bloom mentioned in myths and sacred books. Can the bloom really cure her? Will Sarah live long enough to deliver her precious son?
A dangerous adversary will stop at nothing to win, and Sarah knows Ethano must be stopped at all costs.
When Sarah is kidnapped by the Blue-ringed Immortals and learns the sinister plans in store for her, she is mortified and will fight with her very last breath.
As everything comes crashing down around Sarah, she fights to save the ones she matter what the cost.
With everything crashing down around Sarah, can she save her family she loves so much? Can love conquer all?
Mistaken identity comes along with dangerous consequences; and slipping on an ancient, ruby wedding ring comes with an even higher price.
A forbidden romance...
Book 3 of motorcycle romance
Book 4 of motorcycle romance
A biker romance
A woman needs a groom.
A woman needs a groom.
A woman needs a groom.
A good romance
A woman must travel around the globe with her despicable ex in order to get her hands on her inheritance.
According to the terms of her mother’s will, Ashly cannot cash in on her inheritance until she and Jake travel to nearly a dozen locations around the globe.
One woman will get the job of a lifetime.
Romance book #2
A woman is seduced by her billionaire boss.
This is part 2
This is part 3.
A CEO needs a wife ASAP!
The romance continues.
Good Romance
A woman works for a billionaire...
A Cute Romance.
The fake girlfriend job to the billionaire continues...
The saga continues...
The heir
His proposal
His Temptation
The romance continues...
The story continues.
What would you do if your one night stand just happened to be the boss's son?
Romance book
A good romance
A good romance
A housekeeper becomes a fake girlfriend for a billionaire.
Three siblings crash into a zombie infested landscape.