Visions of Atlantis by Michael Le Flem

Reclaiming Our Lost Ancient Legacy

A synthesis of psychic and mainstream evidence of Atlantis

Visions of atlantis

Visions of Atlantis: Reclaiming our Lost Ancient Legacy (2022)

People the world over have grappled with the story of Atlantis for millennia, and Visions of Atlantis provides a unique and compelling glimpse into what might have been. Clairvoyant impressions from Edgar Cayce, Rudolf Steiner, Barbara Hand Clow and others, as well as a novel cross-examination of Frederick Oliver's clairaudient text, A Dweller on Two Planets, supplement a concerted scientific, philosophical and historical investigation of humanity's antediluvian achievements and Atlantis' tragic demise.

At the same time, readers will see just how the story of Atlantis has evolved from the seminal account passed down by Plato almost 2,400 years ago into those of the present day, as we engage with some of its strongest proponents and harshest critics alike. More than just a dry catalog of Atlantean footnotes, Visions of Atlantis strikes at the core of the great divide between materialist reductionism and the frontiers of metaphysics, enjoining readers to reconsider some of their most deeply held beliefs about psychic phenomena, reincarnation, and the vast unknown past.

Genre: HISTORY / Ancient / General

Secondary Genre: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Ancient Mysteries & Controversial Knowledge

Language: English

Keywords: Egypt, Atlantis, Edgar Cayce, Akashic Records , Lost civilization , Ancient Origins, Chanelling, Pyramids, Sphinx, Lost continent, Plato, Ancient history, Ancient mysteries, Controversial knowledge, Lemuria, Gnostic

Word Count: 98,000

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In the past months since launching as an independent author via Amazon, I've sold a thousand copies and gotten on six major ancient history and esoteric podcasts, garnering major endorsements from writers like Sean Stone, Rob Neyland and other archaeologists and related scholars. 

Excited to publish in multiple languages, because my friends overseas have all told me no one has translated a good book on this subject into their native tongue. 


Editorial Reviews:

 "Ancient Apocalypse or Apocalypse Now? As we are, so was Atlantis, its fate inextricably linked to the same unlearned lessons. Michael Le Flem delivers a  masterclass of essential  history on the lessons we really do need to heed. Highly  recommended!" 
-David Jones, editor, New Dawn Magazine

"Michael's passion for Atlantis is infectious. This is a very sensible and grounded introduction  to the reality of that prehistoric world."
-Sean Stone, author of New World Order: A Strategy of Imperialism
"A phenomenal, Herculean exegesis on the enigma of Atlantis. This book is a university course in itself. I congratulate the author on this epic achievement."
-Jana Dixon, author of Biology of Kundalini: Exploring the Fire of Life

"Michael Le Flem adroitly fuses disparate historical sources with a logical, open-minded analysis of a topic that triggers most academics into automatic shutdown. He is articulate, entertaining and compelling as he eloquently highlights the many flawed arguments used by debunkers. Your Atlantis collection isn't complete without this."
-Brendan D. Murphy, author of The Grand Illusion: A Synthesis of Science and Spirituality
"Visions of Atlantis offers humanity a timely historic message for its consciousness to awaken to far greater cosmic quintessence."
-E.E. Richards, University of Maine at Augusta

"If you want to see the full picture of this lost civilization, this is the book for you. Michael provides readers with a comprehensive analysis of both conventional and more rarefied psychic information concerning Atlantis."
-Aleksander Czeszkiewicz, author of Déjà Vu: Has Everything Already Been?

"History is the indispensable prelude to self-knowledge, as Michael's rich research so effectively conveys."
-Ross Sheldon, CEO of R. Sheldon Productions, Beverly Hills, CA

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The story of Atlantis is perhaps one of the most enduring and timeless in the Western imagination.  A mighty Mid-Atlantic civilization near the end of the last Ice Age, whose imperial ambitions and avarice were finally checked by its infamous and catastrophic destruction, it has remained a point of contentious debate ever since Plato brought it to his Athenian audience nearly 2,400 years ago in his dialogues Critias and Timaeus.

Yet from these short and curiously detailed accounts, how much is fact? How much is fiction? How much is something in between, filtered through the obscuring lens of time, translation and missing contexts? By restricting the acceptable bounds of civilization to the last 7,000 years, many of the gatekeepers of mainstream history have chosen to ignore a vast body of evidence suggesting a quite different account of what human beings had been doing for the past 200,000+ years they’ve existed as such, with Atlantis ranking as one of the most controversial and discredited chapters of the human saga.

Visions of Atlantis surveys a broad range of source material from the ancient to the recent past, along with overlooked archaeological, geological and cultural discoveries that point to an advanced, globally-connected world in so-called prehistory. And by thoroughly engaging with some of the most vivid and compelling clairvoyant visions of this remote epoch, we attempt to peer beyond the veil, so to speak, to recover what might have been.





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