Michael Le Flem (author)

Author of Visions of Atlantis: Reclaiming our Lost Ancient Legacy

Michael le flem

Michael Le Flem, M.A. is a researcher, adjunct professor of history and philosophy, columnist for New Dawn Magazine, scuba diver and guitarist. He grew up in South Florida, and attended the Harriet. L. Wilkes Honors College and Florida State University, where he studied Western intellectual history and U.S. foreign policy.

Visions of Atlantis: Reclaiming our Lost Ancient Legacy, his second history book after 2008's The Specter of Reason: The Historicization of the Enlightenment, is the product of over seven years of research and a lifetime of reflection.

Michael has also published numerous book reviews and articles for the online history archive of the 1960s, KennedysandKing.com, curated by James DiEugenio, historical consultant to director Oliver Stone. Michael was also a one-time research assistant for investigative journalist Whitney Webb while she was writing her best-selling two-part series, 'One Nation Under Blackmail,' and has ghostwritten for authors of the History Press.

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A synthesis of psychic and mainstream evidence of Atlantis