Twice Bitten: A Matt Davis Mystery by Joe Perrone Jr

Sex, religion, and venomous snakes combine for a thrilling mystery.

Twice bitten: a matt davis mystery

A Meth dealer often has many enemies, so it's no surprise when one is found murdered in the cab of his pickup truck in a parking lot frequented by fishermen.  There are lots of potential suspects and motives galore, but, after all have been thoroughly examined, Roscoe Chief of Police Matt Davis finds himself at somewhat of a dead end—that is, until he encounters the Trentweilers.
Ron and Winona are a pair of Pentecostal preachers with cloudy pasts, who have made their way from Alabama, north along the spine of the Appalachian Mountains and into Matt's "backyard" in the Catskills.  To make things even more intriguing, they have lately begun to incorporate venomous snakes into their religious "act."  What secrets are this ex-convict and his spouse hiding in their respective closets?   Is Brother Ron exactly what he appears to be?  Is he a religious convert or just a con man?   And what about Winona?  Who is she and where did she come from? These and other questions confront Chief of Police Matt Davis in Twice Bitten, as he once again comes face to face with murder in the sleepy village of Roscoe, NY.

Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / General

Language: English


Word Count: Approximately 74,000

Sales info:

Published in 2012, Twice Bitten is currently ranked #89,236 Paid in Kindle Store.

Sample text:

Billy struggled to remain conscious, opened the car door, and slid off the seat and onto the muddy ground, the envelope full of money falling in a puddle beside him.  The combination of the rain and the fall revived him slightly, and somehow he got to his feet and staggered blindly to his truck.  He needed help, and he needed it fast.  “Can’t…breathe,” he whispered as he climbed inside the cab.  “Gotta…get…help.”  He fumbled in his pants pocket and found the ignition key.  His vision was growing dimmer, and his efforts to breathe resembled a dog panting in the hot sun.  In the meantime, the driver calmly exited the car, walked down the path to the river, and heaved the flashlight as far as possible into the water.

Then, the driver returned to the truck, walked to the passenger side, scooped up the envelope containing the money, wiped it dry, and hissed, “That’ll teach you to blackmail me, you useless piece of shit.”  Those words were the last words Billy Stillwater ever heard.  The last sound he made was a long, siren-like wail that was swallowed up by the sound of the rain beating on the metal roof of the truck as he literally vomited his life onto the floor of the Chevy and died. (COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL © 2012 Joseph Perrone Jr.)

“Good riddance to bad rubbish,” said the killer before starting the engine, carefully turning the truck around, and driving slowly down the muddy path, toward the main road.  The rain continued to fall, washing away any trace of evidence.

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Already translated. Translated by Stefania Parente and Alessandra Elisa Paganin
Already translated. Translated by bruno farias and Igor Farias
Already translated. Translated by Raquel Tejedor Alonso

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