Refresh and Heal Yourself through Meditation by Brahma Kumari Pari

Get your diseases cured through the meditation practices suggested in this book.

Refresh and heal yourself  through meditation

Through using the knowledge and practices in this book, the diseases in your body can be cured and you can remain in a refreshed, healthy state. ​​Even if you do not have diseases in your body, you could still read this book in order to have a better understanding:

1. on how the cosmic energies serve you.

2. about the relationships which you have with the cosmic energies, God, etc.

This book explains:

1. how you can absorb God’s energies to heal any disease which exists in your body.

2. how to get the cosmic energies to serve you better so that you can live a better, healthier life while achieving your aims.

3. how you can heal yourself and remain healthy through a positive influence on the cosmic energies since the cosmic energies serve you based on your thoughts, feelings, aims etc.

4. how you can get healed through your Holographic Body.

5. about the Universal Laws through which you get healed.

6. why practices, involving Chi or Prana, have been successfully used to heal people without any medicine.

7. how the impure energies of the soul influence your body to get diseased and how the pure energies of the soul influence the healing of the body.

8. how you can easily get healed through the soul conscious stage.

9. how you can have more control over your mind, intellect and memories; and how this will assist you to get healed.

10. how you can develop a close relationship with God, through which you can get God's assistance to get or achieve whatever you want, including good health.

11. how you can have the energies from the Angelic World within your aura and environment; and how this will help to eliminate your diseases.

12. how you and others can be cured through distant healing.

13. how you can have hands that could heal through your touch.

14. how the cosmic energies could provide food with better nutrients and medicinal value.

15. how your body can get healed when you sleep in remembrance of God.

Through using the knowledge and meditation guidelines in this book, you will establish your link to God and begin the process to get your body healed through being exposed to:

1. God’s powerful healing energies, and

2. the cosmic energies which have been energised by God’s energies. These powerful cosmic energies (Chi or Prana) serve God and you well, since they are in the powerful state. Thus, all diseases can be instantly eliminated from your body.

You can also expose yourself to God’s energies so as to become and remain refreshed.

Genre: HEALTH & FITNESS / Healing

Secondary Genre: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Healing / General

Language: English

Keywords: heal, health, meditation, Brahma Kumaris, yoga, cosmic, God, curing diseases, spiritual, spirituality

Word Count: 35,914

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About the Author

The author has practiced meditation since the 1970s. She was introduced to the knowledge of the Brahma Kumaris in 1994 and has been a BK (one who uses the knowledge of the Brahma Kumaris) ever since then. Having become a BK, the author has constantly used God’s energies to feel refreshed, heal herself, get purified and to walk into the Golden Aged world. Through this book, based on her experiences and the knowledge which she has acquired, she is guiding others on how to become refreshed, purified, and to heal themselves and others.

Since 1996, the author has been writing articles and books on:

1. the Holographic Universe.

2. her various spiritual experiences.

3. the cosmic energies which are involved with providing the world, including the Golden Aged world.

4. the various ancient scriptures and myths.

5. Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga, meditation practices, history etc.

Some of her earliest articles, which were written based on extensive research and practices, had been on the healing practices. She had written on how healing could take place through the chakras, acupuncture points, etc. When she wrote those articles, she had only distributed them to people known to her and had not published them online. Based on what she has written in those articles on healing, she plans to write a few books on how to heal the body while using God’s energies. The present book is the first of these. This book gives the introductory explanations on how and why you can heal yourself and others through using God’s energies.

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