Ying Cui (translator)


Freelance Translator/Localizer/Transcriber/Subtitler, E-commerce Coordinator, Education Consultant, Assistant Manager, High School Computer Teacher

Ying cui

Ying Cui


2002 Earned Computer Science Education Diploma from Baoding Teachers College

2005 Earned Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and Technology from Hebei University

Dec 2002-May 2006  High School Computer Teacher at Baoding No.2 Vocational High School

June 2006-June 2007    Assistant Manager at Novelty Stationer

Oct 2008-Jan 2010    Education Consultant at Natural Light Education Consulting Co., Ltd.

March 2010-May 2011    Overseas Experiences in New Zealand

Aug 2011-Present   E-commerce Coordinator at Huatian Handmade Cotton Apparel Online Store (Part-time)

Oct 2012–Present  Freelance Translator/Localizer/Transcriber/Subtitler

May 2014-Present  Service Partner       Lionbridge                    Ireland

May 2014-Present   Translator (Independent Contractor)  Acclaro Inc.      USA

May 2014-Present Translator (Independent Contractor)    Lingotek Inc.     USA

April 2014-Present  Certified Translator/Proofreader  One Hour Translation  USA

April 2014-Present  Freelance Translator &Proofreader      TextMaster        Belgium

April 2014-Present Freelance Editor     Unbabel Inc.                      USA

March 2014-Present Translator (Independent Contractor)   Smartling Inc.            New York, USA

Feb 2014-Present Freelance Transcrib   CastingWords LLC                    USA

Sep 2015-Present Foreign Language Transcriptionist  VerbalizeIt  USA 

June 2016-Present Partner of a tight-knit group of localizers  Indie Localizers  N/A 

May 2018-Present  Writer      WordReference  USA

Some Other Agency Affiliations: Live Translation Limited  United Kingdom, Translator; TRAD'ILP  France, Translator; Babelcube Inc.  USA, Translator;  Bridgeway Translations  USA, Translator; Dixit  France, Translator; gds Sprachenwelt  Germany, Translator; TEXTKING  Germany, Translator;  ComTranslations  Spain, Translator/ Proofreader; Lingvus  Czech, Translator;  Ad Verbum  Bulgaria, Translator/Proofreader/Reviewer; Translated  Italy, Translator& Subtitler; Lingosaur (Contatum Ltd.)  Finland, Translator; Glocal Media Limited  UK, Subtitler; Power of Babel  Canada, Subtitler& Translator

Native language: Chinese
Translates from: English, Chinese
Translates into: English, Chinese

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