The Princess and The Dolphin by Dan Alatorre

An adorable, amusing picture book with many cute images for children, “The Princess And The Dolphin” tells the story of a beautiful little princess who has a very special stuffed animal - that she loses somewhere in the castle! With help of her parents (t

The princess and the dolphin

An adorable, amusing picture book with many cute images for children, “The Princess And The Dolphin” tells the story of a beautiful little princess who has a very special stuffed animal - that she loses somewhere in the castle! With help of her parents (the king and queen) and the family dog, they are off on a search.

Kids enjoy a terrific, fun story while discovering that persistence is important, as well as being resourceful, and working together.

A little princess in your house might just learn a thing or two about putting her toys away, and maybe a little something about responsibility, too!

Great for parents to read to preschoolers or for slightly older kids to read to their parents! 


Secondary Genre: FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / General

Language: English

Keywords: princess

Word Count: 2600

Sales info:

This new release made its debut in August 2014 and immediately went to a #1 ranking in Hot New Releases. Its 5 star rating show that it is a solid book, and its story is a simple yet fun take for kids of all ages. With the marketing we have coming, it will be a bestseller like its counterpart, the #1 betsseller "Laguna The Lonely Mermaid."

Sample text:

Once upon a time,
there was a beautiful little princess. 
She lived in a large castle 
with a big bedroom 
and a huge bed filled with stuffed animals. 

All day long, 
the princess would dance, 
and sing, 
and play with her toys.

Each night,
when it was time for her to go to bed…

…the princess would take her favorite stuffed animal with her, 
a baby dolphin 
named Hope.

Other stuffed animals got to sleep in the big bed with the princess, 
like her fuzzy kitty cat, 
and her fluffy teddy bear,
and even her big stuffed whale;
but the little princess always made sure
that her favorite stuffed animal,
Hope the baby dolphin,
was there every night. 

Hope was the princess’ number one, 
absolute best, 
favorite stuffed animal.

Every night, when the princess went to sleep, 
she made sure Hope was snuggled up in bed with her. 

The princess enjoyed all of her stuffed animals, 
but she liked Hope the baby dolphin the best. 

Hope made the princess very happy.

Each night while she slept, 
the princess had fantastic dreams about playing with dolphins,
and every morning when she woke up, 
she was happy.

One night, 
when it was time for the little princess to go to bed, 
she couldn't find Hope. 

She had the kitty, and she had the teddy bear, 
but she couldn't find her little blue dolphin anywhere.

The princess, 
the king, 
and the queen 
looked and looked
all around the castle; 
but they could not find Hope. 

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Excellent quality, fast and professional. A joy to work with. I hope to use again soon
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