Laguna The Lonely Mermaid by Dan Alatorre

The story of a lonely young mermaid who must think of a creative way to rescue stranded pirates; by helping others, she makes new friends.

Laguna the lonely mermaid

A delightful picture book with many cute images, Laguna The Lonely Mermaid tells the story of a lonely young mermaid who must think of a creative way to rescue stranded pirates. By helping others, she makes new friends. 

Great for parents to read to preschoolers or for slightly older kids to read to their parents! Includes suggestions for parents about making reading fun for kids, links to Facebook Fan page for downloadable coloring pages, and more.


Secondary Genre: FICTION / Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends & Mythology

Language: English

Keywords: mermaid

Word Count: 5000

Sales info:

This amazing children's book shot straight to #1 in its genre, has received many 5 star reviews and continues to sell well. Teachers have started to consider it for their early reader curriculum.

Sample text:

Laguna the Lonely Mermaid lived in a beautiful place called Pearltide.

Laguna was lonely 
because she did not have many friends, 
and that made her sad.
One day, a pirate ship appeared on the horizon.

“A ship!” Laguna said. 
“It will bring friends for me to play with!” 
The pirate ship did not bring friends for Laguna to play with. 

When the boat came into the port of Pearltide, 
there was no one on board.
That made Laguna sad again.
Laguna did not know that there had been a big storm. 
The clouds came together, 
and strong winds tipped the boat over. 

The friendly pirates were washed into the water.
The friendly pirates thought they would drown
When they went 
deep under the water.
Some fish tried to help push the pirates up, 
but the fish were too small.
The little pirate said, 
“A big whale could help pull us up!” 

But the big pirate said, 
“No, a whale will swallow us!”
Laguna was looking at the empty pirate ship, 
wondering where all the people were.

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Already translated. Translated by Petro Ebersöhn
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Fast, professional, friendly and efficient. You will be very happy with the work
Already translated. Translated by Ying Cui
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Excellent job.
Already translated. Translated by Hanène Baatout
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Fast, friendly, and professional. Highly recommended!
Already translated. Translated by Anika Abbate
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Great job! Highly recommended.
Unavailable for translation.
Already translated. Translated by Aris Aprianti
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Great job!
Already translated. Translated by Valeria Beotti
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Excellent! Works quickly and with enthusiasm. Communicated well with author, meets deadlines. I highly recommend!
Already translated. Translated by William Bertan da Silva
Author review:
He did a good job. I am happy with his work.
Unavailable for translation.
Already translated. Translated by Dr. José Ramón Torres Águila
Author review:
Very detailed, accurate, thorough. Does a very good job.
Already translated. Translated by Nathalie Helene Fredrika Nilsson
Author review:
Absolutely excellent. Terrific work. Highly recommended.
Unavailable for translation.
Already translated. Translated by Peykan Nebioğlu
Author review:
This translation was fast and professional. Highly recommended.

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