Sandra Kyle (author)

Historical and contemporary romance author, looking to expand my readership.

Sandra kyle

I'm a first generation American, born to Italian parents who came to the U.S. in search of a better life. Along with their dreams they brought vivid tales (sometimes wonderful, sometimes far-fetched, sometimes downright terrifying) told time and time again around the kitchen table. That is where my love for storytelling and daydreaming began.

I'm an avid moviephile and introvert, and will read anything from Austen to King. I reside on the East Coast with my husband.

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DIY Romance set in Savannah
Every lady has a story.
DIY romance set in Savannah
An instalove reader insert with all the erotic fun of an online romance and a Happily Ever After.
Can a lady-in-waiting be the key to unlock a mystery that threatens the throne?