Stay-At-Home Romance by S.K. Andal

An instalove reader insert with all the erotic fun of an online romance and a Happily Ever After.

Stay-at-home romance

It’s official. You are going isolation crazy. You’ve had about enough of being good and following the rules. Then, you meet Dillon Wilder online through work. He’s all kinds of sexy and just what you need to get through these challenging times.

This is a short, sweet, and steamy instalove reader insert with all the erotic fun of an online romance and a Happily Ever After.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / General

Language: English

Keywords: quarantine, romance, contemporary, steamy

Word Count: 24600

Sample text:

You were hosting a Zoom call with co-workers, Shelley and Cassidy, about volunteer opportunities. A multitude of windows shared space on your screen. Close to 80 attendees listened to Shelley’s spiel about ways to help, Cassidy was sharing her PowerPoint screen, and you were fielding the Chat Window questions. The term well-oiled machine would suit you all quite nicely at that moment.

You were getting a ton of private chat questions. Most of them were standard and easy to answer. One stood out, mentioning they’d come into a ton of PPE and wanted to know the best way to get it to the organization. You asked the attendee to stay on after the meeting to get some more information.

The housekeeping tasks at the end of the meeting dragged on for about five minutes. You, Shelley, and Cassidy conversed behind the scenes on your phones as things wrapped up. Then it was just you and the potential PPE goldmine in the room. Your host settings had the person’s video and microphone muted during the meeting. You typed in the chat, your video front and center in the window.

Sorry for the wait! Appreciate your patience. Let me know if you’d like me to unmute you if it’s easier that way to discuss the donation.

Yeah, please. Not much of a typist. You grinned when the screen name finally registered in your head. Roadhouse Swayze

You tapped on the attendee’s microphone and unmuted yours.

“Can you hear me alright?” You asked.

“Yeah. Hear you fine. How ‘bout on my end?”

You halted at the deep timbre of the male voice for a couple seconds. Woah. That was unexpected. It was rough and smooth at the same time. “Perfect.” Keep it professional. “So, Mister…”

“You can call me Dillon.”

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