Jacqueline: Coveted by a King (Romance Reigns, Book 1) by Sandra Kyle

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Jacqueline: coveted by a king (romance reigns, book 1)

Set in 17th century France during the reign of Louis XIV, the story revolves around the unhappily married heroine, Jacqueline, and her relationship with King Louis. A longtime friend of the queen mother, Jacqueline has been the focus of unexpressed and unrequited longings by the young king. When Louis makes his intentions known, can their romance flourish?

Contains adult sexual content.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Historical

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Short Stories

Language: English

Keywords: historical adult short romance

Word Count: 16500

Sample text:

September, 1658 ~ Tuileries Palace ~ Paris, France

It was not the most likely manner one would find the King of France. Yet, there he was, stealing another glance from the library's picture window. Down below his vantage, he spotted her, deep in conversation with his mother. He smiled, watching her giggle like a young mistress of the court. His thoughts drifted to the unmistakable fire deep within her that occasionally broke through the polite and respectable demeanor she had mastered over the years. He wondered what it would be like to see all of her.

His heart had raced when he spied her from his private chambers earlier that afternoon. She disembarked from the carriage alone. There was no sign of her husband, Martine. The initial sight of her silken hair, composed of auburn embers, caused an immediate stir within his being. Curls fell across her neck and tantalizingly down her bodice. Her brown eyes brewed with forty years of living. Studying her in silence and stealth, he estimated her frame — that once loomed over him as a child — would now be petite beside him.

"Your Majesty." The attendant had stumbled upon the lurking king.

He shut the curtain with a swish and peevishly stared at his subject. "What is it?"

"The guests are beginning to arrive."

"Fine." He waved his hand, bored and disinterested.

"Might I...?"

"I do not need anything, Etienne. I shall be down shortly. Have them prepare."

"Of course, Your Majesty." A bow and he was gone.

His fingers peeled back the curtains again to watch her.

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