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S.e. lund

S.E. Lund is a bestselling indie author, whose series The Unrestrained Series and The Dominion Series have been very well received.  She is currently working on additional installments for both series and has several new series, The Bad Boy series, the MacIntyre Brothers series, the McClintock-Carter Crime Thriller series. There are also several stand alone books including Matched and Mr. Big Shot.


Kate meets Dr. Drake Morgan when doing research into Dominance and submission and is attracted to him, but not sure about his need for dominance.
Tess returns home to find some surprises in her father's house, that leads her into the investigation of an old crime that was too close for comfort.
Tess becomes closer to Michael as the situation gets more complicated and dangerous.
Michael and Tess try to solve a crime from two decades ago, one that ties them together.