Kenneth Bostian (author)

Hello Kenny Here... Former English teacher now photographer and author

Kenneth bostian

Hello ! I am Kenneth Bostian a former taxidermist that turned English teacher 2010.I taught English there until July 2019.While In China I had written several oral English guide books,a textbook and grammar book.Upon returning to America I started a photography business and started working with books again.

I  started publishing with Amazon and Kindle starting with my grammar book in a translated version and an all English version.Next I published an all English version of my textbook originally written in China.

My next project was my first novel called "My Calling To China...A Teachers Story" I have an all English version and a translated version of this book.

I also recently published a book called "The Legend Of Rebel" A story about a hunting dog and I just finished my first work of fiction called "The Beastlands"  soon to be on Amazon also.


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A very useful book for English language learners, both student and teacher.
Teacher stories from China spanning eight years
A true story about about a foreign English teacher's first year in China.
My First Grammar Book...English Grammar Made Easy
Survival, Adventure and Danger In a Land of Beasts
The Beastlands II is the exciting sequel to "The Beastlands"
The continuing saga of "The Beastlands" New adventures and new dangers in a strange prehistoric world. Revenge is necessary after the slaying of a young boy by the forest dwelling wolf people, a great task for our heroes.
The Earth is dying and our heroes must find a way to survive !
A special compilation of the first two action packed Beastlands novels.
The classic "Book of Dragons by the famous author E. Nesbit
One of the oldest novels devoted to the werewolf legend.
The ESL Victory Textbook, College Level Lessons And More
A true story about the life of an exceptional hunting dog and companion. A story about raising and training beagles as hunting dogs. Some unbelievable but true hunting experiences.
The incredible tale of how Santa Claus came to be from boy to man.This book tells the entire story and what a story it is !
Actual UFO cases from the golden age of UFO investigations and Project Blue Book.
The "Science Of Getting Rich" gives us a step by step process to acquire and keep wealth.
A classic novel about the history of werewolves around the world.