The Life And Adventures Of Santa Claus, More Than A Christmas Story by L Frank Baum, Kenneth Bostian

The incredible tale of how Santa Claus came to be from boy to man.This book tells the entire story and what a story it is !

The life and adventures of santa claus,  more than a christmas story

The incredible tale of how Santa Claus came to be from boy to man.This book tells the entire story and what a story it is !
A must read holiday classic written by L Frank Baum,the same incredible author that brought to us "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.
Enjoy each and every page as you read and enjoy the many illustrations that will give you warm feelings of Santa Claus and the holiday season.
A book for all ages.


Secondary Genre: YOUNG ADULT FICTION / General

Language: English

Keywords: christmas, santa claus, holiday, famous, biography

Word Count: 30,442

Sample text:


Probably few characters in the past few hundred years entice more excitement than Santa Claus.Santa Claus brings so much life to our Christmas holiday.All the stories and folklore surrounding Santa Claus brings life to our holiday as we spread genuine feelings of warmth towards our fellow man and an optimistic outlook on life and the future.There is strong sense of love during Christmas towards our family and close friends this is largely in part to the legend of Santa Claus and the giving of gifts.

During the Christmas holiday season we often gather and watch old and new movies with Santa Claus as the star.We set cookies out for Santa on Christmas Eve.We tell our children to go to bed early so we dont disturb Santa when he visits our home.

So Santa Claus is a huge part of our culture and also in many parts of the world.Children everywhere know the story of Santa bringing gifts on Christmas Eve guided by those eight wonderful Reindeer.I hope you and your family enjoy this book and those wonderful stories about Santa Claus.

Kenneth D. Bostian

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