The Science Of Getting Rich, Illustrated For Wealth by Wallace Wattles, Kenneth Bostian

The "Science Of Getting Rich" gives us a step by step process to acquire and keep wealth.

The science of getting rich, illustrated for wealth

The "Science Of Getting Rich" gives us a step by step process to acquire and keep wealth.
One of the first "How To" self help books of its kind that helped spawn the popular market we have today for these kinds of books.
Learn in details of proven success and the mental process involved to becoming wealthy.

Genre: SELF-HELP / General

Secondary Genre: BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Money & Monetary Policy

Language: English

Keywords: wealth, riches, money, making money, creating wealth, how to become rich, manage money

Word Count: 23,024

Sample text:


We all dream of becoming rich and living a life where problems are few and we are free to go anywhere we want to go at any time we choose.But to aquire true wealth we have to think and do different than the average person.If becoming rich was easy we all would be rich !

This book "The Science of Getting Rich" puts you in a frame of mind to aquire wealth and there is quite a process involved."The Science of Getting Rich" by Wallace D. Wattles is one of the first "How To" books on the market and of course Self Help and How To books are everywhere these days.We all want to find that greener grass and be happy and live the good life !

Please enjoy this book and I you will be rich very soon.

Kenneth Bostian

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