Jonathan Finch (author)

Writing out of Thailand about Thailand, Britain, & Italy. Poetry & fiction. Novels & short stories. Literary literature matters.

Jonathan finch

Jonathan Finch : a widely published poet in British small magazines and anthologies. Winner of prizes for poetry. Short stories published in small magazines. Novels and anthologies self-published via Amazon and CreateSpace.

I have published several novels, two collections of poetry and an anthology of short stories on Amazon and Kindle. My titles are: "Poems People Liked (1)", "Poems People Liked (2)", "Thought-Provokers Or Bad Dreams", "Great Tits I've Known (And Other Species)", "Sexy Thai Bar Girls And Me / Sex Adventures In Asia", "After Dawn", "Darkest Kiss", and "Love And Other Afflictions : A Collection Of Literary Short Stories". I try not to write derivative fiction and my love of poetry influences my prose.

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a book about young love
about paranoid love
a humorous novel mainly comprising letters sent between various characters
an original travelogue about Thailand, Italy and Britain
literary short stories about love, madness, delusion and other afflictions
prize-winning poems all previously published
a collection of previously published poems
Pattaya bars and adventures therein
small pieces of poetry and prose on thought-provoking topics
a love romance set in England and then in Thailand between an aging civil servant and a young Thai domestic