Jerry Bader (author)

I’ve written novels, screenplays, hybrid graphic novels, and even children’s books. Most of my work can be classified as Neo Noir crime and mystery.

Jerry bader

Jerry Bader is Senior Partner at, a media production company that specializes in Web video, audio, music, and sound design. Mr. Bader has written and produced dozens of video commercials for clients. Writing novels, screenplays, and graphic novels is a natural extension that grew out of the experience of developing scripts that take uninspiring copycat commercial messages and turning them into attention-grabbing mini movies that focus on the core emotional motivator. 


Over the years Mr. Bader has written over a hundred articles on marketing, and he’s self-published marketing books, novels, hybrid graphic novels, biographies, and a series of children's books. The Neo Noir Hybrid Graphic Novels are story concepts developed with the goal of having them turned into television series or feature films. There are currently ten screenplays four of which have been self-published as hybrid graphic novels: The Method, The Comeuppance, and The Coffin Corner and Grist For The Mill.


He's also written The Fixer published by Rebel Seed Entertainment. It has consistently been in the top ten percent in several Amazon categories. The Fixer is based on the true-life story of a colorful horse racing character. The follow-up to The Fixer is the new book Beating The System that continues the story of the horse racing legend. Mr. Bader has also written Organized Crime Queens, The Secret World of Female Gangsters, and the soon to be released: What’s Your Poison? How Cocktails Got Their Names, The Outlaw Rider, and Dead End.


Mr. Bader has also written a series of children’s books: Two Dragons Named Shoe, The Town That Didn’t Speak, The Criminal McBride, The Bad Puppeteer, Mr. Bumbershoot, The Umbrella Man, and the upcoming The Ninth Inning.

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The Fixer, Published By Rebel Seed Entertainment

The true life story of a son of a concentration camp survivor left to fend for himself using his wit, charm, and guts to survive and prosper as a jockey, trainer, and fixer of horse races all while navigating through an environment populated by gamblers, gangsters, and billionaires.


Beating The System

The True Story of a Horse Racing Legend

This is my life. My name and the names of the people and places have been changed for obvious reasons, but the incidents and experiences described all happened. This is real life, not a phony Hollywood version that demands things be packaged in a neat familiar framework with no loose ends. My life is full of loose ends, and many of them are still walking around.


What’s Your Poison? How Cocktail’s Got Their Names

Why do we call mixed alcohol drinks “cocktails”? How do they get their exotic names: names like the Singapore Sling, Screw Driver, the Alamagoozlum, the Angel’s Kiss, the Hanky Panky, the Harvey Wallbanger, Sex On The Beach, the Monkey Gland, the Brass Monkey, the Margarita, the Japalac, the Lion’s Tail, and many, many more? Who makes up these names, where are they invented, why, and how do you make them?  These questions will be answered in “What’s Your Poison?” by exploring the incidents, people, and places that prompted the creation of these exotic concoctions.


Organized Crime Queens, The Secret World of Female Gangsters

From the bizarre world of female Japanese motorcycle gangs to the historic rise and fall of London’s Forty Elephants, the history of female organized crime is both fascinating and strange. These are the stories, both true and legendary of the female crime bosses that broke the mould of feminine gentility. This is The Secret World of Female Gangsters.

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The True Story of a Horse Racing Legend
Like the Marlboro man, the myth of the Old West left a cancerous residue that remains to this day. It's a shame these heroes and villains can't just be remembered for who and what they were, cowboys, lawmen, and outlaws.
Harry needs to prove himself; he needs some excitement in his life, and that excitement comes in a deadly package of intrigue and murder that combines something called the Sister Project with a Russian master spy, H, K. Kyrsa, code name, the Beautiful Rat
Harry, the MI6 analyst who works out of the Toronto Consulate, tries to stop a takeover of the US government by commercial forces allied with foreign powers.
A poisoned accountant, a Chinese painter with an infamous Italian name, the People’s Minister of Science and Technology, his brother the Director of the Enterprise Division of the Ministry of State Security, and Harry, the art dealer who moonlights as a S
From the bizarre world of female Japanese motorcycle gangs to the historic rise and fall of London’s Forty Elephants, the history of female organized crime is both fascinating and strange. These are the stories, both true and legendary of the female crime
In 2010 five expressionist masterpieces were stolen from a Paris museum; one of these paintings was Modigliani's "Woman With A Fan" a portrait of Lunia Czechowska.
The Axel Files: Florence's Floozy
Private Investigator, Axel Webb, is on the hunt for the cherrywood box; infidelity, murder, war, earthquakes, and historic treasures lead Axel from a swanky Toronto hotel to an Oyabun’s Tokyo headquarters and on to a high-octane London auction house; in s
Investigator Axel Webb is hired by a Japanese Naichō Agent on the recommendation of his Yakuza friend, Hibiki Sato, to find the Honjō Masamune katana that was last seen in 1945 when it was taken from a Mejiro Police Station by a U.S. Army Sergeant.
Axel Webb must find the stolen Morello Stradivarius violin to pay a debt to Russian gangster Vladimir Bok, who wants the violin for his mistress, a well known Russian violinist.
The Axel Files: The History of Cardenio
Private Investigator Axel Webb is hired to recover lost artifacts from the 1984 Pakal robbery from the Museum of Archeology in Mexico City. The case turns ugly when his client is murdered.
A female jockey becomes involved in a Los Angeles-based Chinese triad in order to help the triad pressure the government to allow a casino to be added to the Hancock Racetrack owned and operated by the Chinese underworld syndicate.
In this book you will you learn several alternative theories how cocktails became "cocktails" and you'll also learn how to make over forty different variations. In addition you'll learn about some interesting characters you probably never heard of and a f