The Outlaw Rider by Jerry Bader

A female jockey becomes involved in a Los Angeles-based Chinese triad in order to help the triad pressure the government to allow a casino to be added to the Hancock Racetrack owned and operated by the Chinese underworld syndicate.

The outlaw rider

The Outlaw Rider

“If you’re not prepared to cheat, you’re not prepared to win.”

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Jesse James, the daughter of a deceased mob connected rug salesman, becomes a jockey working for the Hong Mian triad in order to feed winners to State Senator Samuel Somersby. The Senator is responsible for approving California gaming licenses. To date, only Native CANGV casinos are allowed to have slots. California horse racing will die if they aren’t allowed to add slot machines to their venues. Benson Yeung, Dragon Head of the Hong Mian triad, and his chief lieutenant, Johnny Luck, have a plan to force Somersby to approve their Native partner’s demands for off-reservation gaming licenses. At the center of the plan is a unique white thoroughbred Spirit horse, prized by Native people, appropriately named Medicine Hat. Available on Amazon:

The Outlaw Rider is the first in a series of books that follows the adventures of, Jesse James, a young woman who is orphaned when her mob connected father suddenly dies. Jesse is taken in by Chinese triad boss, Johnny Luck. Jesse is trained as a jockey in order to serve the interests of the Hong Mian triad led by Dragon Head, Benson Yeung.

The Outlaw Rider is fiction but is set in a true-to-life environment where racetracks in California, as elsewhere, are desperate to add full fledge casinos and especially slots to their venues. The problem is only Native American groups are eligible for casino licences and corruption abounds. Thousands of Native Americans that can trace there heritages back to the 1800s have been disenrolled (loss of Native status) by the groups that control the casino licenses. Disenrollment reduces the number of Native Americans collecting casino benefits that can be as much as three hundred thousand dollars per person.

In the middle of this is a Spirit Horse, called Medicine Hat, a white thoroughbred racehorse with milk chocolate markings including the ears, thus the name, Medicine Hat. The horse becomes the center piece in a fight for control of the casino gaming business in California involving a corrupt State Senator, his billionaire heiress sister, the Hong Mian triad, the Buffalo mob, and two rival Native American groups with Jesse and Medicine Hat in the middle of it all.

Genre: FICTION / Crime

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Noir

Language: English

Keywords: crime, horse racing, casinos, Native Americans, Chinese, triads, gambling, horses, corruption

Word Count: 26,617

Sample text:

Johnny Luck and The Girl

Johnny Luck stands off to the side watching as Walter Samuel Nuts’ casket is lowered into the ground. The service is short and maudlin as all such ceremonies are. Milton Goldstein, Nuts’ accountant and his wife Sara stand with a handful of rug salesmen, business associates, and funeral junkies. The turnout is underwhelming as befits a man of Wally Nuts’ character.

Luck’s cell phone vibrates, he answers. The message is short: “Mr. Green’s reservation has been cancelled. Take control of the package.”

The package in question is the petite seventeen-year-old daughter of the rug man. She was an orphan now, on her own, but not for long. Luck was now the legal guardian of the girl, a price paid for obligations unfulfilled. He makes eye contact with the girl: a pretty young thing with blonde hair and a nice body if you like the skinny, athletic type. He’d have to speak with Mr. Yeung as to what he planned for his new charge. Was she to be used in the association’s sex trade? He hoped not. Or was she to be fostered and employed in some other manner?

He’d seen her around; met her a few times at daddy’s humble residence when he was making a pickup of smelly cash, uncut diamonds, or South African gold coins. Mr. Nuts was named appropriately; he kept his stash of illicit goodies in an old Kelvinator freezer buried underground beneath his bed, that’s right, you heard me correctly. Like I said, Nuts was nuts. The retrieval was cancelled, something must have gone wrong. He hoped Fields got away unscathed. The guy was the best triggerman he’d ever worked with, and besides, he made one hell of a suit.

Luck’s instructions for the time being were to take the daughter under his wing, make sure she got an appropriate education, and if she showed promise, maybe even become an unofficial associate like the tailor. 

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