Hiriyappa .B (author)

Hiriyappa B, Ph.D.
Author of few books in Management, Commerce, Organizational Behavior and Strategic Planning etc and working as Coordinator of Department of Post Graduation Studies in Commerce.

Hiriyappa .b

Dr.Hiriyappa.B is a Ph.D., MPhil., MCom. Coordinator, Department of Post Graduation Studies in Commerce. He has Coach, Trainer, Speaker and Consultant in Management.

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Business Environment can use as a manual for how to develop and analysis of business in a complex, critical, dynamic and progressive competitive environment.
Corporate strategy focuses on the formulation and implementation of strategy by using of the Generic, Grand and Diversification Strategies and their relevance to contemporary practice in business.
The text puts students in the development of leadership skills and applying effectively handling leadership functions in business and their life.
This book helps an individual to gain self confidence, high self esteem, Self motivation, self monitoring, self evaluating, self controlling, self assessment and finds various stages of life cycle of an individual.
This book grabs you by your wrist and guides you to success.
This book reader will able to: Understand the field of learning and its theories and discuss the real scenario of applications of learning principles in business and managing of an organization.
Management, Employees, Customers, and Clients are the most important asset in any business today.
Strategic Analysis of Business is vital reading for CEOs and senior executives, heads of strategy, current and future entrepreneurs, investors - especially corporate business development managers - and any businessperson who has responsibility for analysi
The book takes a holistic view of finding and managing stress rather than looking only at the symptoms.
Team Building and Group Dynamic Management give to management, managers, team leaders, and consultants practical guidance on how to build and manage teams.